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In-House Research

As an R+D Laboratory, JKI is involved with several special interest and on-going research efforts.  A limited summary of efforts not focused at a current client development are listed below.

Hand-Held Electrosurgery Devices and Electrode Configurations;  High efficiency units produce  cutting and cauterizing, based on directed charge flow.
Pneumatic Muscle Based Exoskeleton Human Amplifier;Pneumatic muscles as non-linear actuators allow complex control applications in a wearable frame.
Pneumatic Muscle Air Drop Parachute Flair Device;  Accessory for Cargo Parachutes / Palates which dramatically reduce impact forces.
Hyper-TENS/PES Project; High output devices using our tri-polar electrodes specially driven to suit the needs of heavy chronic users.
Multi-Environment Noise Dosimetry Project;Reduced function miniature hardware for in-field use, features programmibly weighted output and gradient alarms.
Quadriture Optical Tracking Elements;  A low-cost approach to analog based point-source optical detection, our method allows very high tracking and scanning rates to be accomplished.
Head to Helmet Displacement Measurement;Using non-facially mounted magnetic tracking elements, skull - helmet displacement can be determined.
Multiple-Cell Pneumatic Contouring Helmet Liner;  This method allows increased comfort, reliability, and security.

We seek partners, R+D opportunities, investors, client applications, and end product possibilities for these and other technologies.  Contact us today.