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Please contact us with your typical payment terms.  We accept P.O.s from responsible organizations.  For some custom orders, R+D efforts, or new clients an initial payment may be required.  Soon, JKI will accept credit cards / paypal services for standard products as well as standard engineering service blocks.

For standard products not quoted within this site, costs, terms, conditions, and estimated delivery time will be provided upon request by product.  For custom or modified products,  anticipated performance specifications will be prepared and presented to the client along with costs, terms, conditions, and estimated delivery time. 

In some circumstances, it is productive for JKI to respond to a statement of work, proposal or other request in a formal proposal defining scope, schedule and cost.  The scope of the effort is typically leans to research verses product development.  We would be happy to prepare such a presentation/document.  In some cases and depending on the type of agreement formed, estimates of cost, schedule are used to clarify the level of effort.

Performance Verification.
All standard products will be tested to their specification parameters.   Prior to shipping a custom or modified project, JKI will perform and verify all performance characteristics feasible to be tested in-house.  Such applications that require specialized mounting, environments or interface equipment may not be fully tested to the extent the application can be simulated.  A special fee may be incurred at the time or ordering if extensive non-typical testing is required.

Sales Tax.
Sales tax is charged for custom or standard products delivered to or shipped to destinations within the State of Ohio.  Rates vary according to the destination address and will be figured during quotation or order verification.  No tax is typically due from engineering based efforts.   Non-taxable government / institutional clients provide your tax waiver.

Standard products may be returned within 90 days for a refund minus a 30% restocking fee.  Custom or non-software modified products, systems or devices cannot be returned.

Standard products all come with a 6 month limited warranty on parts and labor excluding external damage, damage due to electrical interfaces, or typical ware and tare.  Products maybe repaired or replaced at the discretion of JKI.  If it is determined that product failure is due to external damage, clients will be contacted with possible repair options. Custom or modified products similarly come with a 6 month limited warranty, where all warranty specifications are subject to pre-shipping test and verification.

Repairs / Upgrades.
In standard products or custom products, once performance failures are identified and prior to non-warranty related repairs commence, JKI will contact the client on estimates of repair charges. In the case of modifications, upgrades, or other non-repair changes, a similar review of the costs and schedule will be presented to the client for review and approval. 

In come cases of a R+D effort or large custom order, JKI may request an initial or interim payment prior to the commencement of work.  This would be specified in our mutual contracts.  When a final or interim invoice is issued, our terms are typically Net 15, other arrangements may be made upon approval.  All inferred business responsibilities and disputes will be resolved according to the laws of the State of Ohio, USA. More detailed contracts are often used to specify mutual obligations, especially in R+D and larger custom development efforts which will contain additions or alterations to the above verbiage. 

Alterations.  Often, our clients own policies dictate the terms of our agreements.  We look forward to reviewing any such documentation.