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Engineering Services

Our Mission. 

We strive to be your go-to company for fast turn-around R+D, electronic/biomedical prototyping, measurement and instrumentation, feasibility assessment, project review, and overall systems integration.  Our focus on multidisciplinary R+D has allowed us to gain the expertise to perform a variety of tasks in a variety of fields.  We have a large companies capability with small companies individual attention.

Black Box Gallery.

Many of our clients desire high performance and calibrated devices, others just want a discrete set of functions in a box.  We have built hundreds of custom electronics systems and devices with all types of features at several levels of prototyping and complexities, in the short term and long term. 


Areas of Expertise.

  • Sensors, Instrumentation, and Measurement
  • Stand Alone Systems / Embedded Devices
  • Industrial and Medical Instrumentation
  • Telemetry, Wireless Links and Data Storage
  • Electro-Tactile Interfaces and Drivers
  • BioSignals (EMG, EEG, EOG, EKG, etc.)
  • Human Body Tracking Virtual Reality Hardware and Sensory Integration
  • In-the-Field Measurement / Data Acquisition 
  • Wearable (Garment, Glove, Helmet, and  Shoe) Electronic Systems / Devices
  • Pneumatic Muscles and Non-Linear Actuators
  • ElectroSurgery and Electrocauterization
  • Automatic Control and Actuation
  • Special-Purpose Vehicle Design
  • Optical Element Tracking Sensors
  • Technology Integration / Product Enhancements
  • Ergonomics Evaluation / Rating Protocols
  • Electronics Control Panels and System Layout
  • Nerve and Muscle Electrical Stimulation Products
  • Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
Technical Capabilities.
  • Test and Evaluation Procedures and Platforms
  • Analog, Digital, Embedded, and Power Circuit  Design, Layout and Fabrication
  • Schematic Preparation and Circuitry Layout
  • Circuitry  Enclosure Design / Fabrication
  • Embedded Microcontroller Programming 
  • Custom Molding and Potted Sensors / Systems
  • Human and Performance Testing 
  • Project Oversight, Review, and Technical Analysis
  • Integrated Test and Instrumentation Devices
  • Small / Medium Production
  • Working relationships with USAF, USMC, USArmy, hospitals, clinics, production firms, and advertising/artistic firms
  • Technical Writing, User and Training Manuals
  • Technical Drawing and Concept Presentation
  • Product Naming and Product Line Expansion

Communication of Objectives.

The communication of specifications and features is the most critical part of our mission.   Here we will be entering into the mind of everyone involved with the project to witness ( from their perspective ) what is important.  JKI believes in sharing scribbles, ideas, and color drawings to insure we are all the same page.  Another objective for any design or build is the desired level of effort.   The level of effort is another critical specification, get what you are paying for with just the right number of bells and whistles to satisfy your needs and goals.  Who is our audience, what do they desire most, what is helpful, what is extraneous?

On one rare very-fast-turn-around requirement, we got a specification on Friday, and delivered on Monday with a proof-of-concept 'G' LOC detector mounted on a pilots control stick (yoke).  The triple stick apparatus tested various methods and algorithms to automatically detect if a user (pilot) was in conscious and deliberate control.  The unit was used to focus the nature of the problem, generate ideas, and instigate discussions as well as provided a few solutions to be studied.  The unit was neat, clean, had light and audio cues, but not much more.  Just right for its specified design goal.

Contracting Arrangements.

JKI performs services within the scope of many contracting arrangements including primary contractor, subcontracting, sole source provider, cost-plus-fixed-fee (CPFF), Time and Materials (T+M) and direct response to a Statement of Work.   Every effort is different and we desire to meet you on your terms.  JKI bids on small, medium, and large projects, as well as participates as an industry partner as an SBIR qualified company.  See our Contracting Section for more details.  JKI will prepare any format proposal, statement of work, or other document to further clarify resources, budget, goals, and specifications. 

Technology Inclusion.

JKI retains an active In-House Research and Development program in many areas and has generated numerous technologies, processes, and methods which may be licensed outright or included in part of a contract development.  See our In-House Research Section for more details.

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