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Athletic BioFeedback

This research area is a culmination of JKI's Human Instrumentation interests and on-going work in electrophysiology.  BioFeedback is essentially recording and re-presenting the results of status, condition, or performance to the participant.  The typical benefit is an increase in their level of awareness of their activities or physiology.  This process can be applied in two ways, for personal training or optimization and for real-time self analysis.

Biofeedback has been studied as an aide to memory, concentration, aptitude, response, reflex, and other attributes.  In the athletic performance and training area, JKI's ability to measure physiological parameters matched with any input from performance inputs allows participants to gather feedback from their activities in real time.   There are many applications and goals for this type of instrumentation, one can enhance conditioning, optimize, enhance, or expand training, establish performance metrics and form quantitative evaluations, and increase concentration.  JKI has built devices with various levels of complexity for incorporating biofeedback principals empirically and to enhance performance based on its many advantages.

Examples Gallery:

Marksmanship Unit Example.
JKI has built several prototypes of what we call A Marksmanship BioFeedback Unit.  This device monitors cardiac Rhythm, respiration, distant pulse wave, EMGs, temperature, Vibration, and ..  These values are presented to the user over a timed sequence defined by marksmen.  Each environmental and physiological attribute is then leaned and honed in preparation for the shot.  Threshold indicators allow the user to be selective over the coarseness or 'purity' of their firing sequence.  For example, if the shot was 'pure' and barrel vibration or drift exceeds a preset threshold, a tone or LED will activate.  Biofeedback allows the user to be in tone with their own biorhythms to time trigger pull accurately: respiration slow and non-urgent, pulse pre-electrocontraction and post distal pulse wave.

Athletic Performance Training Example.
The best workouts are dynamic.  We have programmed wearable devices that provide time and effort based cues to level of effort that read your bodies reaction to such setting to optimize your goals for exercise or performance training.  Our devices keep you in the 'green' while still pushing toward your exercise goals. Cues can be visual, auditory, or tactile and can be applied from yard work to marathon running.

Aerobic vs Mass Building Example. 
Exercise is universally recommended, but you should have a goal for the nature of your exercise program, goals, as well as limitations.  Dynamic training based on your desired goals allows efforts and duration of activities to be checked and regulated.  Whether you user yard work, running, biking r weight training, there is a wide range of desired results possible from aerobic to mass building.  JKI has built devices specifically to guide your level of effort toward whatever goal you choose based on interpreting your own physiological measurements.